Tuesday, 3 May 2011

It's raining...

That's the problem nowadays....it rains everyday, sometimes early morning, sometimes midday, sometimes in the evening... so how can I tend to my garden??

It's ok... there's always something I can do..

Today,for example, I spent a few hours in the rain trying to tidy up the drain next to my small koi pond. It's interesting to play in the rain and having a good shower while the rain do it's part to wash the messy drain...

Around 11 am.. the sun is shining bright as ever and I took some pictures of my beautiful blooms..

My roses seems to be healthier despite the rain. Maybe roses like showers as well. I think it's true because the rain can help to get rid of the pests..

Love the buds...

A two months old rose planted in the garden...it's doing well...look at the new shoots...


  1. Your blog is lovely, good luck with it! Roses are beautiful. I have a hardy one 'John Cabot', but the type of roses you have don't do well in my zone (4). Your photos are lovely.

  2. Everything is beautiful! And you took great photos.

    Have you heard of May Dreams Gardens Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day blog meme? Every 15th of the month, garden bloggers link up and share their photos of what is currently blooming. It is fun and you can connect with lots of other bloggers.
    Welcome to Blotanical!

  3. Thank you so much Diane and The Sage Butterfly... This is my first blog and I am thrilled to write about my hobby, i.e roses.

    To be honest roses are not commonly grown in Malaysia...so I need all the luck and encourangement from all of you.

    Thank you again...

  4. Nice to read about growing roses from half way around the world. I learned Roses originated in Asia. Here in America you would never know. We hear little information about Rose growing in your part of the world. Thanks for sharing this. They are so beautiful.