Monday, 2 May 2011

My First Rose...

I love roses... just love them... BUT

It's so expensive to buy cut roses here...AND

I also wish someone will give me roses but I suppose this will remain a dream... SO

I am going to plant roses instead.. just started and I am enjoying every minute of it..

I get my rose cuttings from friends or sometimes I buy small roses from a nursery nearby..

I went through the hardship and frustration of seeing my roses wilting due to the hot climate, the diseases and the lack of enthusiasm after each failures..AND..

I learned some tricks to make the roses grow better..
1) Pour the aquarium or koi pond water to the roses everyday..
2) Put shrimps or fish cutlet in the soil..
3) Never pour water onto the buds as this will not make the rose bloom properly..

This is my one of my first roses...which I planted about a year ago....

Then I had a couple more which I will share with you later..

I am trying to have more species with me.. but it's so expansive to buy them from the nursery..

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