Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tinie..Winie..Little Minis...

    The problem of growing these minis are...they get smaller and smaller in size as the days gone by. I blame this to the hot weather in the lowland, because these minis are so beautiful in the highlands..with bigger flowers and dark green foliage...
Ring of Fire in a Pot
Ring of Fire is the name given to signifies the beautiful fire like colour of the rose. If there are lots of blooms, this rose bush looks like fireball from a distance...

Single "Ros Calit"

This "Ros Calit was originally very nice, the petal opened up properly showing the small specks of whitish colour against the rich pink petals..
Now, the petals are half opened and we cannot realy see the different in colours....

But I still love them the same...
"Ros Calit" in a Pot
I really am not happy with the leaves... I am worried that the plant will die soon... It looks as though the plant lacks some nutrients...and they look so small....

Orange "Ros Calit"

I love this orange "Ros Telur". It has a unique colour and if there are many blooms, it can be very beautiful

Pink "Ros Telur"

Nice and beautiful
"Ros Telur" Bush
Mini Cameron

 Cameron minis are beautiful but they really need extra care because, they are very prone to blackspot. I am still learning, how best to care for the cameron roses


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